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Bk Team X Barry's Bootcamp

A Barry's Vice President of Operations, Dustin Martin, Shares Insights on The Popular Workout, Barry's Bootcamp and What Makes It Special!

It's no secret that our team LOVES Barry’s Bootcamp workouts! It's safe to say we’re actually obsessed. That being said, it should be no surprise that we finally sat down with Dustin Martin, one of our favorite Barry’s instructors to learn more about Barry’s, what he loves about it, and some awesome new offerings they are starting this month. Check it out!
  • What is your name and what is your role at Barry’s?

Dustin Martin is currently a Vice President of Operations for Barry’s.

  • How long have you been with Barrys?

I’ve been with Barry’s for about 9 years now. My role for the first ~7 years was as an owner of the Boston franchise.

  • What can someone expect from a typical Barry's class?

Each Barry’s class is simply a combination of running and lifting, but done in an elevated fashion on Woodway treadmills and in a room full of red lights and 50 best friends. Instructors thoughtfully program every class, curate special playlists, and motivate throughout each workout. 

  • What do you love about Barrys?

I love that the Barry’s workout is scalable. Every class is filled with clients of varying skill levels and at different points in their fitness journey. And I love that each class is scalable for the individual athlete. Barry’s provides a baseline level of intensity and motivation such that you always know you will walk out sweaty and smiling, but clients can choose whether to really push their limits at any given moment. 

  • What is your favorite class/muscle group day to teach? Is that also your favorite class to take personally?

I love teaching on Tuesday’s and Friday’s and consequently love taking those days as well. Legs and Full Body! I program each workout as if I were taking class. 

  • What is your go-to after workout smoothie?

I usually make up my own. Currently its Cold brew, Almond Milk, Spinach, chocolate protein, and banana. The Phat Dustin is still ordered often in Boston, too! 

  • What is your favorite song to play in class?

If I’ve taught 5,000 classes in my career at Barry’s, you know I’ve played Snoop What’s My Name about 4,999. 

  • What keeps you motivated?

Customers. It’s been an incredible journey through the years and you truly can not beat the connections you make in the Red Room. So many clients have become great friends. 
  • Tell us about the new Barrys X platform?

When the pandemic hit in March 2020 we were forced to pivot from our traditional mode of business, as many other companies were. Barry’s X is our way of bringing the magic of the Red Room into each and every home across the world. We offer a daily selection of Live classes as well as a library of on demand workouts. The workouts are tailored to fit your daily needs with varying formats (Run X Lift, Lift) and in different durations.
  • How has Barry's adjusted during covid?

To be honest, we are still adjusting, as we operate in so many different cities and regions throughout the world, whereby we are consistently reacting to different Government mandates. We have done our best to stick to our company's Mission, which is to transform lives worldwide. More than anything, we remain optimistic about the future, as we saw quick rebounds in attendance in the Summer of 2021, and again now, as COVID mandates are regressing across the globe. We have some exciting things planned for the next few months to kick off what should be a great year ahead! 
  • What days and times can people come to your class?

I currently teach Tuesday’s in Chestnut Hill at 940 and 11am, and Fridays in Downtown Boston at 1115am and 1230pm. 


Been thinking about trying Barry's for the first time?


DO IT! They just launched TWO new first-timer specials; $99 2 Week Everyday Membership AND a 3-pack for $50 (30-day expiry). March 8 they are dropping something else - their first ever referral campaign! Get out and take a class - we know you won’t regret it!

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